Anti-Mold Painting Service

Mold Medic provides Anti-Mold painting service as part of our mold remediation process.

The application of the anti-mold paint serves 2 purposes.

  • Deters re-occurrence of mold
  • Aesthetic benefits of covering mold stained ceiling and/or walls

Deter Mold From Re-Occurring

Now that Mold Medic have removed the mold and we’ve applied the anti-mold paint, you’ll want to make sure that mold does not re-occur. When you take the right precautions, and observe certain good practices, your home will be safe from mold.

Firstly, the anti-mold paint will do a lot to help protect you. You can’t be 100% free of mold spores in any home, but with the anti-mold paint in place, you’ll see that it can easily prevent mold from taking hold again.

To keep that room as dry as can be, you’ll need to ventilate it as well as you can. Open windows whenever the weather allows you, and allow fresh air to flow in. Having enough flow is key to keeping the room dry and ventilated, to stop mold from forming.

For bathrooms, you’ll need to ensure good ventilation especially after a hot steamy shower. The levels of humidity in the bathroom is prone to mold growth.  

If there’s a real issue with moisture or humidity in the room, a plug-in dehumidifier could be the answer. These machines are designed to extract any excess moisture out of the air hence keeping mold growth at bay. These are an excellent solution if you suffer with persistent moisture or humidity. You can even reuse the water from the dehumidifier for things like filling up your toilet tank, or watering your plants, if you’re looking to be more eco-friendly.

How Does Anti-Mold Paint Work

Mold will continue to form on non-specialist paints, growing and feed on the material that is behind the paint. This causes damage to the material, not to mention the health problems that can be caused by mold.

Specially formulated anti-mold paint is much more effective at preventing mold because it contains anti-fungal and has anti-microbial properties which give far more protection to the surface that has been painted.

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